Preparing Your Home for a Winter Sale
By: Laitiah Huynh
June 05, 2024

Traditionally, sellers have waited until spring to list their homes, but in the current real estate market, this winter is set to be a busy season.

If you're considering selling, here are five tips to make your home a sought-after property during the cooler months:     

  1. Create a Warm Welcome

    On a gloomy day, nothing lifts spirits like stepping into a warm home. Ensure your heaters are on well before open inspections to create a great first impression. An open or combustion fire also adds a lovely visual touch for potential buyers. Staging your home for winter with textured throws, blankets on beds and couches, and soft rugs on bare floors will enhance that cosy, inviting atmosphere.      
  2. Make Your Home a Front Runner

    The front yard is the first thing buyers see, and first impressions matter. While winter limits flowering plants, a few potted ones by the front door can work wonders. Mow the lawn, rake up dead leaves, and prune any straggly plants. A well-maintained garden suggests a well-maintained home.      
  3. Lighten Up

    A bright home is welcoming, so schedule your open inspection for the middle of the day when light is best. Open curtains and blinds and clean your windows to maximize natural light. North-facing rooms will be brighter in winter, while south-facing rooms may need some artificial light. Lamps with warm globes can eliminate dark corners and make rooms feel more inviting.      
  4. Maintain and Enhance

    Buyers are especially vigilant for potential issues in winter, so address any maintenance problems. Clean and repair gutters, roofs, and downpipes outside. Inside, ensure taps, toilets, and shower heads are leak-free. Fix any broken fixtures, air out damp rooms, and remove all signs of mould before inspections.      
  5. Keep It Clean

    Keep your floors looking their best from the first inspection to the last. On rainy days, provide a place for visitors to leave umbrellas, wet coats, and even shoes to protect your carpets and rugs.

    If you are thinking of selling, contact our team at Lands Real Estate! We are happy to help.
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Written by
Laitiah Huynh
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