Five Key Reno Tips That Will Maximise The Property Price
By: Laitiah Huynh
July 20, 2022

Paint: If done well, this can add tens of thousands of dollars to the sale price. Use a neutral colour on all interior walls and ceilings. Try to avoid feature walls because they can push away potential buyers who do not share your taste. Soft furnishings and wall art provide colour to the room. It's also a good idea to give external wood and gutters a fresh coat of paint if necessary.

Update the kitchen: A home's kitchen is a crucial selling point and is often the space where people spend most of their time. Door handles, fixtures, and fittings should all be updated. Consider replacing the cabinetry with white laminate and upgrading the bench-tops if they are outdated and if the budget allows.

Update the bathroom: You don't have to rip out and replace the entire bathroom, but the sink, tapware, and shower-head should all be of good quality. Consider changing or painting the tiles if they are outdated. Cleaning all of the mould from the grout is another low-cost exercise that will significantly add to the properties value. There are excellent products on the market that make this task quick and easy.

Organise the garden: A prospective buyer's first visual of your home is the front garden. Make sure it's clean, tidy, manicured and well-presented. Mow the lawns, eliminate all weeds, and replace any dead plants with fresh ones.

Repair and patch any maintenance issues: Consider fixing problems such as holes/cracks in the walls, cracked tiles, worn timbers, and any broken appliances.

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions and you want to get the most out of it when you put it on the market. Putting in work before listing should pay off and be reflected in the final sale price.

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Written by
Laitiah Huynh
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