10 Helpful Tips to Increase Property Value
By: Laitiah Huynh
April 27, 2022

You may have been considering ways to boost the value of your home when planning to sell it. At the end of the day, location is the uncontrollable factor that takes precedence over all others whereas your property is something that can be controlled. Due to real estate being such a competitive market, making a few tweaks could help you stand out and earn a higher profit.

Know Your Neighbourhood: It is highly beneficial that you take some time to walk through your neighborhood and establish the kind of community that lives there. It is important to understand and evaluate the general characteristics of prospective buyers and how you can draw their attention. By taking time to know your neighbourhood, you are able to observe other houses and pin point what you like or dislike about them. Doing this not only gives you ideas on how to make your home stand out in your neighbourhood, but also ensures your property is remembered.

First Impressions Matter: When guests come to visit for the first time, you want them to feel at ease. Refresh the exterior with a new coat of paint, clean the windows, clean the gutters, and check that your letterbox is clear. Examine your home through the eyes of a newcomer. These small adjustments will make your home feel more attractive and show that you care about it, which is a fantastic first impression.

Refresh The Yard: With a little landscaping, your yard can become the focal point of your property. It is a good idea to show potential purchasers that your outdoor areas are valuable real estate as well. To present a clean and manicured backyard, mow through long grass, weed, and dispose of any garbage that has built up over time. It is not only attractive, but it's also a strong selling point. A yard with space for a pool, vegetable garden, playground, or outdoor kitchen demonstrates that your home is more than simply a home.

Start With Simple Swaps: If your cabinet handles are looking a little worn, replacing them with newer, more modern versions is a quick and easy fix. Cabinetry handles are common in homes and are used regularly, despite their small size. When selecting new ones, make sure that the colour and design will go well with the rest of your decor. Replacing your tapware is another simple change. Your faucets might become dirty and outdated with time. Updating them with modern designs makes the property more appealing and useful to purchasers.

A Fresh Coat of Paint: A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in revitalising your home and can improve the quality of the photos when they’re online which will appeal to more buyers. Once you decide to paint the walls throughout your home, it makes the home feel new and it increases the property’s value. Cabinetry and tiles, in addition to walls, can be painted over if they're looking a little worse for wear. Paints specifically designed for certain materials should be available at your local hardware shop.

Revamp Your Lighting: In a home, lighting is critical. It has an impact on the ambience and functionality of each space and can make a room feel bigger. In rest spaces such as the living room and bedrooms, a common rule for lighting is to keep it ambient. Lighting in work areas such as the kitchen and garage should be brighter because you need to see clearly. However, because most house inspections take place during the day, the requirement to switch on lights may not be necessary  but upgrading your light fixtures can give your home a more modern air.

Storage Space: No matter who you are and what interests you have, everyone loves storage space in their home. If your home has ample storage space, it is beneficial to add that to the property description as it most definitely will attract buyers. There are many ways you can include storage throughout your home, it can be simplistic through cabinetry, shelving, robe hooks, and rails.

Update Tiles: On some occasions, you have tiles in multiple places around the house whether it be backsplashes, floor tiles and even wall tiles. Often tiles reflect the time of when the home was built and can sometimes look outdated. It is important to choose tiles that are neutral but also suit your interior colour scheme as this will attract a wider variety of buyers.

Focus On Communal Areas: Generally when someone is looking for a new home, they take the functionality of the kitchen and bathroom into deep consideration. Make these areas the priority focus of your home when wanting to add value. To ensure you make the most out of your focus areas within the house, consider adding storage, kitchen appliances / accessories, new tapware or better lighting, focusing on these areas will increase your property value.

Clean The Scene: Last but not least, cleanliness. It is extremely valuable to ensure that your home is neat and tidy, decluttered and use modern decor to enhance the best areas of your home. Cleaning prior to inspections and the selling process is favourable when appealing to buyers as it captivates a range of people.

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